Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010

Belmont University t-shirt, Delias jeans, broken heart gray chuck taylors
I didn't actually go to class today, I got out of it to help load in stuff for the school play to the theater a few blocks away. We're doing Macbeth. It should be really cool. Anyways, I look pretty sloppy because I didn't want to wear anything good and risk messing it up. I do love my Belmont t-shirt though. Anyways, I have tons of homework to do, and while it's highly unlikely that I'll do it all, I should at least get some of it done. I hope you enjoy my crappy photos and my crappy outfit :P


Lenne said...

I think it's cute though, haha. :D

Fashion By He said...

great relaxed outfit, love the blog

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