Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blueberry Breakfast

Nollie white v-neck from PacSun, Forever 21 skirt and double buckle belt
I woke up and got dressed to go to church, but my mom wasn't here! So I decided to take some photos while waiting for her. My skirt is the same eggplant purple color as the kitchen walls! We didn't even end up going. I'll probably wear this next week or something. As you can see, my shots got a little messed up when my cat decided to jump on the kitchen table! He was hyper today.

I almost always eat this for breakfast. Two packs of maple and brown sugar oatmeal and organic blueberries! Yummy! Plus a tall glass of water, which is absolutely essential.

I also went through all my mail. I get a big stack like this almost every day, from colleges. I don't usually read the letters though, they all say the same thing. There seem to have been more lately, but I think it must just be the season for it. I just wish they'd send me something useful, like a list of majors they have, rather than "take our e-quiz" or "request our X # of tips for college visits!" Very boring.


Sai Sai said...

hi...nice your photos,what camera are you using??


Elisabeth Isabelle said...

I love your blog, your pictures and outfits are great! And that skirt is just lovely