Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy holidays

Merry Christmas! :D

My family is pretty much done with Christmas now... we opened presents earlier, around 8:30, then the delicious cinnamon rolls from my great grandmother's recipe followed by my brother and I playing Mario on the Wii (yesterday evening I started playing and now I'm on level 7! There's only 8 levels!). Oh yeah, I'm also taking pictures of everything with my NEW CAMERA. :D :D :D I also got the velvet driving gloves I wanted which I am super psyched about. And a bath pillow!

My boyfriend knows me so well too! He got me a music box ornament that plays Deck the Halls, a Where the Wild Things Are coloring book and a gorgeous necklace from Urban Outfitters. Which is my favorite store but is also at least 45 minutes away! He's so thoughtful! Hopefully he likes what I got him.

And of course my extended family sent lots of cash/checks so when Parkker and I go shopping on Sunday we can have a blast :) (Some of it I'm going to save though, because I'm planning on going to Atlanta when we drop Kyle off at school again, and there's an H&M there. They're opening one here but not until the spring, so I need to stock up on stuff before everyone and their mom has it. :p)


Allegra said...

sounds great, honey! I'm sure your bf likes what you gave him :)

madeleine said...

love this BLOG!!! so pretty, you are! nice style, mallory! check out my blahg. follow mee!!

whitepaige said...

nice blog and happy new year!

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Rand said...

oooh wii!LOVE!