Monday, April 26, 2010

Dream & Live

old "dream" and "live" rings that I've had for years, Threadless Cheshire t-shirt, DIY shorts, H&M bobby pins

I'm allowed a lazy day, too! I overslept by an hour this day, so I just threw on this t-shirt which I love and some denim shorts because it was hot out. I did manage to braid my hair and find some pink gem bobby pins. And I doubled up the rings, which say "Live" and "Dream" in cursive. But yeah, it was a pretty lazy day.


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I love your rings! So nice.

Tania said...

Adorable t-shirt! I love those rings, but it's a shame that people never really pay attention to the little details you put in.
Lazy days are good days, you can relax a lot more

Anonymous said...

Cute tshirt! Gives your outfit some sense of humor!